I’m sorry I haven’t been updating too much, I’ve been SO busy recently with orientation at UA and working! I’ll try to get back into the swing of things soon :)


Reflection Experiment | (by Hameed)
Anonymous asked:
I just wanted to let you know i saw a picture of the paisley dress you posted on here and you looked stunning in it and it inspired me to get it as my prom dress and it was gorgeous and i got tons of compliments so thank you for being you and having a great fashion sense! Haha

Aw thank you so much :)

Anonymous asked:
I used to live in Michigan and I used to go to our cottage Up North all the time! I was just wondering if you knew either city- Northville or Harbor Springs?:)

Yes I know of both! I live very close to Harbor Springs

Anonymous asked:
are you going to rush a sorority at bama?!

I’m going to go through recruitment but I’m not sure which sororities yet!

Anonymous asked:
I didn't think people actually lived in Bay Harbor haha

Oh yes, people live in Bay Harbor!

Anonymous asked:
what's your job?

I work at a boutique and a clothing store in my town!

Anonymous asked:
So your dad lives in Florida? Is he remarried?

Yes he does and yes he is remarried!

Anonymous asked:
do you know ellie obrien

Yes I do!

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